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      In Standard Translations we hold a professional English native translators network categorized by field of expertise so that we can provide a high quality service in any of the fields of expertise.
      Due to the usage of specialized terminology and vocabulary for each field, it is necessary to translate just after having a fundamental grasp of such field. The translations you entrust us will be done by professional translators of each field who posses outstanding knowledge and the relevant experience in the target language by having been0 in contact with those language during several years when abroad.

Tables of per-unit prices for English translations
General conditions :
1. Translator native of the target language fluent in the source language..
2. Specialized documents and their publications, famous foreign academic works and similar registered materials are affixed higher fees.
3. Letters and other ordinary texts are affixed lower fees.
4. Dense specialized documents will be however affixed lower fees.
Language Conditions Korean -> English English-> Korean
English Quality requirements Translation by an English native speaker fluent in Korean
Review?The translator him/herself revises twice after translating
Standard for 1 page: 700 letters in Korean script ot 220 words
Translation by various Korean translators with experience in the field in question or a professional translator
Review The translator him/herself revises twice after translating
Standard for 1 page: 250 English words
Price per unit 16,000 ~ 30,000 10,000 ~ 15,000
Payment for the second proofreading (option) 2nd revision by a native translator specialized in the field.
Double revision by the same expert after a general revision
5,000 ~ 17,000
2nd revision by a Korean translator
4,000 ~ 9,000

Even if you dont know which language it is, in Standard Translation we will find it out and will translated it for you.
We will kindly attend any consult you may have regarding translation or interpreting if you call the phone number for the customer center appearing below.

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